Is this you?

Many small businesses take the “lets do it ourselves” approach to computer systems…. Have you a hired a new person and need to set them up with a computer? No problem, just wheel down to the friendly computer super center and wait in line behind the sweet grandmother purchasing her very first computer system. After viewing pictures of her grandkids you finally make it to the checkout with your on-sale-heck-of-a-deal-made-in-who-knows-where desktop computer. Then you go back to the office and spend few hours setting it up only to discover that the network switch has no free connections left. So it’s back to the super center to get a new switch. Naturally, they don’t carry the size switch you need, so you walk out with a purchase large enough to run 3 offices your size. After lunch, you discover the unique joys of running Category 5 cables to your new desktop computer. This is usually the time you discover that the new computer has stage fright and won’t talk to the network, printer or internet.

Wouldn’t it have been easier just to call High Power Inc.? We will save you time and money.

Custom Built Computers

High Power Inc. offers pre-built computers as well as “Custom Computers” built from scratch to match your specific needs whether it is a basic home, business or gaming system. We can ensure that you will get exactly the computer you desire, without any need for compromise.

High Power Inc. will make sure that all components of your new system are configured and tested for optimal performance while maintaining a 100% stability level. Our customers often require complicated and unique systems running the latest technology which at times can cause compatibility problems. That is why High Power Inc. will test CPU and memory stability first before any Operating System is installed on the hard drive. Once High Power Inc. is satisfied with these test results, only then do we test the integrity of the system with an Operating System of your choice by putting it through extensive benchmarks and stress situations. This ensures a very smooth and desirable operation demanded by our customers.

Having a computer custom built might sound like an expensive way to go, but this simply is not true. Most computers built by High Power Inc. are reasonably priced and do not come with all the advertising and free trial programs that are installed in the computer systems sold by the retail stores in today’s market. These programs tend take up space on your hard drive and slow down the overall performance of the system.

Online gamers are already aware of the benefits of having their computers custom built. Since they depend on speed and data storage capacity, they are not able to find what they need easily from a retail store.

At High Power Inc., tell us what your expectations are for a new system and we will design it for you. Buying from a reputable custom build computer source is a good way to know that if something does need adjusting or repaired at some point, we will know best what is needed to keep you operating at peak performance.

Give us a call today (773)581-7650 and we will show you the benefits of a custom built computer.