Most people think about backing up data about 10 minutes after it’s too late to do any good. If you realize that you really need a good backup program after your hard disk crashes or your teenager decides to clear out some of your files to make room for new music downloads, you’re setting yourself up for a data disaster. Are you prepared to lose your e-mail address book (and all your messages)? What would you do if your entire collection of digital photos disappeared tomorrow in a puff of electrons? Do you have backup copies of your electronically-filed tax return or your crucial correspondence?

How do you get your data off that hard drive once it’s no longer able to boot? Is it still possible? This depends on what exactly went wrong with your drive. At High Power Inc. we will attempt to retrieve your data. The average cost is $95.00 and that will cover up to 15 Gigabytes of data. If we are unable to do so and the data is very important to you we can send it out to a drive recovery specialist. However they are very expensive.