Toshiba is well-known in the laptop world and that is why High Power Inc. chose their line of laptops and products to promote and sell. Some say that Toshiba is the expert in their field.

What does it take to be called an expert in your field? It helps if you innovate in your field, as Toshiba did when they introduced the very first laptop personal computer in 1985. Next, they attracted and retained the best and the brightest minds in the industry. Then they added laser-like precision to their craft. Toshiba simply does one thing better than anyone else – they make smart, reliable and feature-packed laptops.

So, what kind of laptop are you interested in? High Power Inc. will help you choose the perfect model according to your requirements. Maybe you are looking for a sleek and business savvy model such as the stellar Satellite Pro or the go- anywhere, do – anything Tecra. Each Toshiba laptop is loaded with all kinds of features designed with you in mind.

At High Power Inc. we make it easy for you to choose any one of the many models of laptops manufactured by Toshiba including Satellite Pro, Tecra, Portege and more. You know what else High Power Inc. makes easy for you? Since we are Toshiba Authorized Service Providers, if you ever have a problem with your laptop, High Power Inc. can provide warranty and non-warranty repair service on all Toshiba models. Just drop off your laptop at our repair facility and you can get back to enjoying your notebook in just a few days instead of shipping it somewhere and waiting for weeks. Better yet, you don’t even need an appointment. Just call us at (773)581-7650 and our great staff will be there to serve you.